Friday, December 18, 2015

Making Your Own Traditions....and other posts

We're still navigating this business of making our own Christmas traditions. Maybe it's more about becoming the adult and not the child, but Christmas in my mind equals family chaos, big meals, games, and lots of food (Occasionally from the Waffle House). To read my full post click here.
My other latest postings at OKCMB deal with being thrifty! 
Click here to read how to turn those thrift store finds or hand me downs into decent looking pieces for your home!
Click here to see my list of criteria when deciding where to splurge and where to just pass around when it comes to baby items!

We've added some new writers to the team at OKC Mom's Blog and I look forward to writing for them in 2016!


kmom said...

It is interesting to read how your child's memories aren't quite the way it was. Sometimes we celebrated Christmas in TN on the Saturday before Christmas. In the later years, we usually celebrated Christmas on Christmas morning and then left for Michigan after a big lunch at Grandmommy's and Pop's. Then I think we ate supper at Waffle House. One year, I don't remember if it was for supper on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at night, we stayed at a luxery hotel and ate supper at the downtown nearby McDonald's with seemingly a bunch of homeless men. We had permission to crash the reception of a wedding party at the hotel, but we would have had to get dressed up in our Sunday clothes and we didn't want to do that. We started out celebrating Christmas supper or all day Christmas in Michigan and then it changed to the day after Christmas meeting for supper. Your parents now have to rethink their plans and traditions because of family changes. Being with family is a fine tradition no matter what day it is in the year.

Ryan and Katie said...

I remember the homeless McDonalds night vividly! I figured after that is when we stuck with waffle house!

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