Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Santa came!!
Liv was concerned she might get coral in her stocking (she got the word confused with coal) but in fact she got lots of presents! Phew! That was close!
Even Haven got excited!
Yogurt melts! Woo hoo!
Charlie waited in anticipation as Liv helped her open her gifts!
And of course little sister just wanted to play with big sister's big box of choking hazards!
Looks like Ry and I were pretty good this year too.
Ryan opening his gift from Olivia and Haven.
Just what every man needs in his garage!
We had lots of presents under the tree sent from all over the US from friends and family.
Ryan's parents sent us this sign that was made using a piece of wood that Ryan's grandpa Butcher cut in Oregon and had in his garage. We will find a very special place for it!
Time for our yearly loot photos!
Now for the trickiest part of the day: the self timer family photo
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3...come on Haven!
Take 4...good enough!
Liv immediately wanted to put on her fake fingernails while daddy made us homemade cinnamon rolls.
After breakfast there was a lot of lego play at the kitchen table.
And we finished the puzzle!
Ryan made us a delicious steak dinner that we got to eat outside because the weather was so nice!
This was has been snotty allll week.
We watched some more Christmas movies on the big screen and Haven chased Charlie for her rawhide bone. I'll know what to get her next year!
We skyped with family and we did miss being with them but it was also fun for the 4 of us. Liv was so sad to go to bed that night. I reminded her we had 2 more days of staying at home and playing. She frowned, and I said you don't want to play with mommy and daddy anymore? She said no I just want 100 more days of it!
While this one chewed the Rudolph book I thought back on the last Christmas when she was in my belly and I was sick in a bed in Idaho all of Christmas vacation. I can't believe how fast time flew and how big she is now! It really was a wonderful Christmas day!


GmaakaMom said...

I'm so thankful for modern technology to enable us to share your Christmas moments with you. Looks like it was a wonderful peaceful day. We love you.

kmom said...

Looks like you had a very merry Christmas. That sure was a huge puzzle on which you worked.

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