Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Newsletter: 10 Months

Dear Haven,
This month you have become quite the explorer. Thanks to your crawling and pulling up skills, no surface is safe! Toys are a thing of the past. All you want to do is roam through the house and explore every inch of space and furniture and I try to let you within reason. The outlet covers are in place but I still don't trust you much! Your favorite spots are in the pantry and pulling up on any unstable wobbly antique table we have. You do like to look at yourself in the mirror in my room and that's always fun to watch!
I'm such a mean mommy sometimes when I won't let you chew on wires and phone chargers! But you quickly get over it!
You've been pretty snotty this month and I'm giving it a few more days before we go to the Dr. At this point I feel like I'm torturing you when I try to wipe your nose. There's just so much snot! I'm pretty sure we could use it for super glue too if we were to bottle it up. Disgusting I know. You'll tolerate the saline spray but as soon as you see us reach for a burp rag to wipe your nose you contort your body and start screaming. 
You made it through your first Christmas and we had some good times opening gifts and being lazy that day. It was rather nice to not have to travel with you anywhere but we are running out of things to do with big sister at home! The first few days you girls had lots of fun in the playroom together but now that's old hat. 
It's clear that you want to do whatever big sis is doing! She loves this sometimes but she gets annoyed when she has her ponies set up JUST RIGHT and then along comes Haven!
You are already trying to transition to just one nap a day. Sometimes that works out well but some days it is pretty disastrous. You still wake up at least once a night and usually go right back to sleep after nursing. I'm trying to feed you more in the day but you really don't care that much.

As you can tell from the pics we stay in our jammies most days unless we have plans to leave the house...and even then you are a baby so you can get by with just jammies! They're just so warm and you're so cute in them I can't take them off of you.
My sweet jammie girl at the gate. Since then we've gotten sturdier ones since you fell through these a few times.
When your sister was this age it was summer time so it's funny to go back and look at her at your age to see all the outdoor things we were doing. It has been sunny enough that we got to take you to the park one day. You mainly wanted to eat leaves, sticks, and woodchips but every now and then you realized the park was just a fun place to explore and exercise and chase your sister around. I look forward to more of those days in warmer weather!
The weather has gone from sunny to rainy to icy in a matter of 3 days and you've watched it all from the back door window! It reminds me a lot of the weather on the day you were born and I can't believe we are almost to that year mark. But I'll stop thinking about that right now even though I've been going through old posts like crazy lately. It's just what you do when you reflect at the beginning of a new year I guess....but I really can't believe how much you've grown! I love that we will be starting 2016 with you in our lives and look forward to what the new year brings with our girls!


kmom said...

I enjoy seeing Haven smile. I also like seeing her playing with her sister.

GmaakaMom said...

Precious precious precious. Happy 10th sweet Haven. Can't wait till I can see that sweet smile in person. Love you, Grandma

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