Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Newsletter: 9 Months

Dear Haven,
What a month this has been! You started the month out just planking and inch worming your way across the room but now you can take off and get whatever you want from the floor. You have definitely mastered crawling and you are starting to pull up. Currently you only really make it to your knees but you try to get those feet under you! We lowered the crib mattress just to be safe! 
You had your well baby appointment and at 22 pounds you are in the 93% for weight and at 28" the 85% for height and trust body feels it! I have so many aches and pains from lugging you around. You are my cutest and heaviest accessory! I really can't carry you very long without the use of a wrap. And I can't bounce you to sleep anymore which is probably a blessing because you go to sleep by yourself pretty fast now.
Thanks to your new crawling skills you are getting more mischievous and more bumps and bruises. I have got some gates in place, but still have a little baby proofing to go. I've never been one to go all out in the babyproofing dept. but the two levels make it a bit more challenging to check on you. The stairs fascinate you and you constantly are trying to poke your finger in a plug or eat carpet, dog hair, or trash off the floor. I'm trying to vacuum and sweep more but you find all sorts of things to eat! 
You got those 4 top teeth in the matter of a few days so now you have 6 teeth which is a lot for a 9 month old. I assume it is because it's the first thing people say when you smile that big infectious smile. "Wow that's a lot of teeth!" I guess they are over your hair and had to move on to something else!
You love Charlie and often you and her play a game of tag if she is in the playroom. She'll lay down opposite the room from you and you'll crawl over to her and reach your hand out to pet her. Then she'll get up and walk over to the other side of the room and you'll turn around and follow her. The both of you repeat this over and over. Considering Charlie hasn't cared too much for little people in the past, this warms my heart because she COULD just leave the room but she plays this game with you on purpose. She's even licked your little toes a few times. I think you dropping her your cheerios is paying off!
This newsletter is a bit late thanks to the holiday travels to TN and Christmas prep going on in our lives. You did a little bit better on the long car ride to TN. We are so close to the point of you being able to feed yourself from a snack cup and I think that will help leaps and bounds! You did get fed many a yogurt melt or cheerio by your sister in the backseat but she wasn't too fond of that chore and got easily distracted by her games. 
You've gotten really good at waving this month and I got a cute video of the day you discovered yourself in the mirror and just couldn't stop telling that beautiful baby hello! I also put in the videos of you showing off your teeth and playing in your bouncer.
It's that magical time that represents you being outside of my body as long as you were growing inside of it. It's also a magical time because it's your first Christmas. Holidays are always more fun viewing them through the eyes of a child and I'm so excited I get to double my fun with you now! Even though you might seem too young to give any of us a gift, you yourself have been the best gift of all to our family this year just by being part of it. We love you!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet blessing!


GmaakaMom said...

I can't believe how fast the year has flown. Our Haven is such a beauty. Happy 9 months sweet girl. Grandma loves you.

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