Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Phone Dump -- Nov '15

Oh December, you beautiful, mindboggling, magical, crazy month! I realize I have a newsletter and three holidays to post about but until then you get a phone dump because that's faster to do in between the naps, nursing, shopping, and xmas decorating!
This kid got 6 teeth in the span of like 2 weeks. The top 4 came in all at once!
That teething thing might have contributed to a few of these nights where she was just WIDE awake. From like midnight to 4 am. Not fun. I finally learned to not fight it and just let her play so we wouldn't both be miserable!
City Moms Blog had our night of fun and giveaways. We got some great local products. Some I kept and some I gave as gifts! The small people of small group. Liv and Haven playing hide and seek.
Crawling around wears Haven out sometimes and she just lays down in the floor for awhile. Liv playing crazy games in the play room. Curly Q bright eyed in the morn!
The house we pass with like 10 blow up turkeys on the way to school. Wednesdays on early pick up Liv and I like to try new places for an after school treat. She enjoyed a cinnamon roll at caeli's. Haven in a hoodie. Liv, Benny, and Izzy playing at church.
Haven crashing our Friday lunch date as we check out the new Pop's location in Nichols Hills. Haven's seasonal artwork from Mother's Day out!
A rare Kindergarten homework assignment. As a family we were supposed to disguise Tom Turkey so he wouldn't get eaten for thanksgiving. Our family made him look like a butterfly! Setting up Liv's ponies while she's away at school. Working a puzzle with uncle Beezo.
Jumping in the leaves with the neighbors, Haven and Nora playing in the playroom, I love the way Haven looks in the grocery cart! Best part of shopping!
She really devours God's word in Bible class! The cutest biggest gap you ever did see! She passed out on daddy like this waiting for me to come home one night. Stuck in a crawling position!


GmaakaMom said...

Could Grandma see a video of her crawling? I love your phone dumps.

kmom said...

Great butterfly disguise for the turkey. Haven did good artwork too.

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