Sunday, December 27, 2015

Scenes of the Christmas Season

Here are some scenes from around our house this month as we prepared for Christmas day!
The girls liked setting up the big tree downstairs.
Haven liked the lights of eat!
I let Liv have free reign over her tree in her room.
We picked out our yearly Hallmark ornaments. Ryan and I chose a baby one to remember Haven's first year. Liv chose a Tiana ballerina one.
We unwrapped a Christmas book each day. We got a few new ones this year so I might be able to pass on a few that I don't care for as much! 
This year I thought we'd work on a 1000 piece Christmas puzzle over the break. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would! So our friends let us borrow one of theirs. But we finished it in 2 days! We had fun with them though!
We did have some help from our small group and other friends that came over.
Ta da!
We spent lots of time on the couch watching Christmas movies and trying to convince Haven not to open cabinets or eat things. Surprisingly she never really went towards the tree or gifts!
Liv worked very hard on this sign for her daddy's gift. It says My Daddy's Tools. He can hang it in his garage!
Liv also helped me make peppermint cookies, sugar cookies, kiss-mas treats, and pumpkin bread which we handed out to neighbors, church staff, mailmen, and of course kept some for ourselves!
She also helped me send out our cards this year.
Yay! Daddy's home for Christmas break!! Let the fun begin!


GmaakaMom said...

And it looks like a very merry Christmas was had by all. Those are some great pictures recording precious memories. Have I told ya lately how much I love my Oklahoma Isenbergs.

kmom said...

You sure were busy and having lots of fun too.

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