Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tennessee 2015

We only drove halfway on the way to TN and stayed with Evan and Mia and Wilson. They had moved to a new house so we got to check out the new place. 
This was their first time to meet Haven.
You might remember toddler Liv playing hide n seek with their sweet dog many moons ago? She was so teeny then!
When we weren't celebrating holidays in TN we were watching the littles play together. And occasionally playing with them. 
Love Mary Belle's pigtails!
Liv basically lived in this old flower girl dress of mine the entire weekend.
Liv told us what to wear and what faces to make then she took our photos...over and over and over!
I did manage to sneak out for a brief visit with Erin and Celeste. Madelynn and Liv got to play together.
 I'm super thrilled that Erin lives back in TN. Although now my NY connection is lost that's ok because she'll always be there when I go home! Her fairy godchildren are happy too!
We also squeezed in an eye appt with our fav eye doc. Liv's still got perfect eyes. Breastfeeding is once again making mine worse.
And I got to witness a beautiful sunset from my favorite back yard view. Thanks God!

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