Thursday, December 17, 2015

Working on Her Dismount

Liv had her end of the year program at gymnastics last week and the parents (and siblings) got to come in and see all the skills they've been working on this semester. My girl has some great balance and determination! I'm so proud of her. The next semester she says her goal is to get better at her cartwheels.

She's fearless with those head first flips!
 Yes I posted this video of her tragic dismount and it is funny, but what you can't see (because I stopped videoing when I thought she was hurt) is that right after this video she hopped up from the mat with laughter and got right back up on that beam! Such great life lessons from my little 6 yr old in that moment. It's takes adults a long time to learn "It's ok to laugh at ourselves" and "when we fail we can try, try again!" I'm not a huge competitive sports fan but if my child can learn these truths through sports then I'm grateful for that! 
(open in youtube to see the full screen--click on video title. The blogger template cuts off part of the video size)

As we walked to the next station hand in hand she confessed that she was a little sore, but that was all I heard of the matter. Since then she has enjoyed watching herself fall over and over and over again, laughing every time. 
See ya in 2016 Metro!


GmaakaMom said...

I thought they only let you watch thru a window. I'm soooo glad she's ok. I had my share of bumps and bruises during my gymnastic years but I also loved it.

kmom said...

Since I saw the video several times on Facebook and it pained me and never made me laugh, I didn't watch it here. She has spunk to get up and try again. Her cartwheels have improved so much already.

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