Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy New Year!!

We started out the Christmas break strong. I was loving being at home with my girls, and the sunny weather, and we hunkered down and went no where and played and watched lots of Christmas movies and ate junk food. Then Ryan joined us for a long holiday weekend and we just had fun being home as a family wearing pjs for two solid weeks.

Then the holiday was over and the snow and ice came and I was tired of being at home, but it was too icy to go anywhere. Liv was turning into a TV junkie and Haven was boycotting all sleep. The junk food was making me feel disgusting and I couldn't get to the gym and even if I could classes were cancelled because of all the holidays and then I got a sinus infection and watched all of Newsroom and Making of a Murderer in the course of like 3 days and I began to go a little stir crazy!!
The mascot of stir crazy
But now the weather is nice again, we've been outside lots, I'm feeling all better, Haven is getting back to a good nap routine and the junk food has been consumed or thrown out. The Christmas decor is put away and I've started on some house projects I meant to get around to on the break. School starts back tomorrow and I'm a little sad but a little glad because I think we all do a little better with a routine...ok I know that I do better with a routine so there's that!
Our New Years celebration was at home and involved a night of Full House and a Netflix countdown (genius invention for kids who know nothing about time or New Years) with Inspector Gadget at like 8pm. We cheersed with sparkling grape juice and were all asleep by 10 I believe! I usually do a blog recap of the previous year with picture collages around Jan 1...maybe I'll get around to that this week  Maybe not.
My only resolution this year was to be easier on myself. Life with a baby is still sweet, but it's still a little chaotic for me to be that great with commitments so my goal is to just keep allowing myself to do what I can do without losing my cool and when I start to lose my cool...color. And thanks to Celeste's birthday gift, I made some pretty things while I was sick. See....
Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions? If anyone's resolution was to get into shape, I'm always looking for a friend to join me at the gym! I'm looking forward to trying out some new classes soon so let me know and I'm happy to show you my fav instructors at Gold's!


kmom said...

Happy New Year! Glad you are well. You did a great job coloring. Grandmother Collins would be proud of you. I did one picture while in MI and found it to be quite relaxing.

GmaakaMom said...

Is only one of Olivia's eyes turned in in that picture? Happy 2016! Love y'all.

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes it is. She's got good party tricks!

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