Friday, January 15, 2016

House Update

We've been doing some small projects around the house. Finally getting things hung on walls now that we've been here almost 2 years. It's how we roll. Our bedroom is looking more put together. We hung the window that used to be a real window there along with some other frames I had. I want to get two small chairs for either side of the trunk. Not that we will ever sit in them but what else would I put there. Plus....chairs! I love chairs!
Now I just need to get those ikea shelves and do a picture wall over here by my grandma chair that I color in. The bookshelves have been konmari'd as well and are looking decent.
Haven's wall is looking better too! She got some of these prints for Christmas and I commissioned Shanny to make an "Olivia" wood sign too so that it wouldn't look like Haven is our only "greatest adventure" (it will hang there on the bottom left). They both give us a run for our money and we wouldn't have it any other way!
She's so happy about art! (When I was hanging these Ryan pointed out it looked like the shape of Oklhoma until I hung some of the pieces on the left. I guess I could've done that but it's not what I was intending!) So far she hasn't tried to pull them off the wall. We hung them high enough I think and they are all light weight in case she does...or if one of those annoying earthquakes causes them to fall.
Shanny also inspired my "state wall" in my kitchen. I only have one TN plate though. Looks like I need more TN love. We got some Oregon paraphernalia for Christmas so this came together quite nicely.
This room has been without closet doors for awhile and Ryan hung them up in like an hour one weekend. Once I realized how fast of a project it was I became angry because if I'd known it wouldn't take that long I would've nagged him a little about it!
They look great and look what they hide inside....Ryan's secret office! (If Kassi reads this...remember our secret kitchen in college and the song we had? Well now I sing it about Ryan's office!)
He works from home one or two days a week so he installed the sliding keyboard and two monitors. He was going to put the computer tower in the wall but it gets a little too hot so he's coming up with more ideas. There are shelves and hanging space on the other side of the closet I just didn't photograph it because it's not very pretty.
We've put the room to lots of use and I'm so glad we added it on. Haven usually nurses once a night and then ends up in the pack n play to finish out her sleep in here so sister doesn't wake her in the morning when she's up for school. We've had several guests stay here already and I like to nap in here and the girls play and Ryan has his office. Yep it's a good space.

There are sooo many other projects to start on though. The laundry, the kitchen, painting the molding, the exterior....but this might be next.
The squirrels are back again. They are angry at us for having destroyed their former habitat so they are chewing through the wood on our porch and EATING Christmas lights. I kid you not. (Maybe they were sent by the neighborhood association to help us take them down now that I think about it) I'm scared to walk under here because if you hit the ceiling they will jump out of there and scamper off. Or maybe land on your head and eat your hair. That's what I imagine anyway.
See all the debris and chewed lights on the ground? Good times. Ryan's got his work cut out for him once again! Forget Chip and Jojo....Ry and KK could have a show just on our house!


Jana + Ryan said...

Ooooh the squirrels! We still have squirrels popping in and out of various locations. Those suckers are DETERMINED.

Anyway, it looks good! Your old house misses you though. :)

And I think it's something about the first of the year that motivates people. We've been productive with little projects around the house that we've been putting off too. Although don't ask me how that whole repainting the woodwork went because it's still "going"... almost a year later.

Shannon said...

Looking good!! I can't wait to see in person next. The squirrels have eaten our lights over and over again. Weve repaired them because they were fancy ones but moved to them to the screen porch. Suuuuuuper annoying!!

kmom said...

I think all your wall decorating looks super and very creative. I like the look of the old picture wall in your bedroom just the way you have it. Since you already have 2 chairs in that room, more might be a bit too much, but you might consider moving the turquoise bar stools in your living room to either side of the travel chest. I think their colors would tie in well with your bedroom decor.

I never heard of so much squirrel trouble. I suggest paying someone to fix that problem. Ryan can do other projects. I'm looking forward to seeing the other side of the guest closet. The doors look good. See you soon!

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