Monday, January 25, 2016

Keepin' On with Kon-mari

So I finished the major Kon-mari organizing categories (clothes, books, paper) but the last 2 of photos and mementos I feel will be a bit harder as they aren't all in one place. I might even have to kon-mari at my parent's house at the next visit for some of those mementos! I did start on some the other day though. I do save cards that people send me...not all of them...but these ones hold a special place in my heart because they are from my bff and cover our distance apart the past 15 years. Yes I kept them! They bring me joy everytime I read them!
 I also found this one from my parents. I think it was included in a wedding gift. Haha! Not much has changed, they know me so well!
Look at this sweet gift tag card by my talented friend Benay! That's one for a baby book...ya know IF I ever make one!
I separated Liv and Haven's memorabilia into two files and will eventually get them each a file box to hold school papers or projects for them over the years. I'm pretty good about throwing all of Liv's crafty papers away each week...of course I can't let her SEE them in the trash though!
And while I kon-mari my things Olivia plays and constantly moves her sister away from her toys....over and over and over again!


kmom said...

Congratulations on major organizing. Let me know if you have room for the papers, letters, and memorabilia that are taking up space here. I could bring a certain catagory when I come.

GmaakaMom said...

Your smart to get a head start on memorabilia organization at your young age. It can sure overwhelm a person after years and years of collecting.

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