Thursday, January 28, 2016

Newsletter: 11 Month

Dear Haven,
Your big sister reminded me the other day that you are almost a toddler. No way! But she's right. You are cruising around on all the furniture in the house and although you haven't tried to let go or take steps on your own...I know it's coming. I just can't believe we're already here almost at the year mark! These months really have gone by so fast and that's something you just can't understand until you are a parent of the sweetest babies on earth I guess!
We've been working on our sign language this month. Your signs for "more" and "milk" just look like clapping your hands but the fine motor skills are getting there! You love to clap at music, when you see your big sister in the morning, and when you hear the theme song to Full House starting. You love that show...or maybe you just love having your whole family together, but you don't clap at dinner time like you do at Full House time! In other motor skill news you love to comb your own hair and attempt to put socks on your feet. You are MUCH better at taking them off though!

Stylin' in your new car seat. You grew out of that infant carrier!
You are a ham in the pew at church and love to wave to the ladies beside us and especially love to flirt with Guthrie and his daddy Josh behind us. I'm pretty sure you are the cutest distraction to the sermon there ever was...well at least since your sister. Gotta be fair!
While exploring the house at rapid speed you love to open and close doors, get inside the kitchen cabinets, rock the rocking chairs, and undo piles of laundry...laughing as you do it! I told Ryan the other day I needed a house project to tackle and he looked at me like I was crazy. He was right, I don't know what I was thinking. I can barely get one household chore done a day chasing you around let alone start painting something! You are my little shadow, following me as I pick up the house, peering in the shower until I'm done, and sitting in my lap as I type this letter one handed!
We've known for a long time that you admire your big sister but this month as she has become obsessed with perfecting her cartwheels and handstands, so have you! Every time she unrolls the mat to begin practice you crawl in the room and wait your turn for the mat raising your arms high! I caught it on video and then in a picture at the mats at the science museum and at the park while you watched her! So cute!
We've given you lots of foods to try and you seem to like them all! You still nurse but maybe not as frequently. You attempt all sorts of acrobatics while doing it though so we haven't been nursing in public as much! Your hair is getting thicker but not much longer. You have about 3 cowlicks so I can never figure out how to brush it. You still remind me of my sister most days but many people still say you look like me or Olivia.
I haven't begun planning for your first birthday. I do know what present we are giving you and I do know you have family traveling hundreds of miles just to celebrate this milestone in your life. I know the next month will be filled with me looking back at pictures over the past year, at posts I've written on the blog, and being sappy and sentimental about what we were doing a year ago to prepare for your arrival. Maybe it's an overused phrase but I feel it more than ever lately with you, "the days are long but the years are short" and this one has been the shortest of all! I love you sweet Haven!


Anonymous said...

That smile is the sweetest!


kmom said...

Haven is an accomplished smiler. The video of her coming in the room while Liv does cartwheels and then raising her arms is priceless. Liv is getting really good at the cartwheels.

GmaakaMom said...

I sure wish I could be there for the big day. Lord willing we'll see you in April though. Probably be walking by then. Happy 11 months you precious girl. Grandma loves you to the moon and back.

kmom said...

Haven's hair seems to take after Amy's and mine and my mother's.

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