Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Phone Dump -- Dec. '15

The main thing I learned when going through my phone dump for December is that Haven wore lots of red and white stripes. And she wore them well.
Haven pulling up on the stairs, showing her teethers, playing at the Shrocks (she ate one of those blue window markers), and locking Reese in the dog crate
Proof that Ryan is the best daddy ever...letting his girls play beauty parlor on him, happy Haven after a nap, Liv is big enough to pour her own cereal and milk and it makes me tear up
Sisters in the play room, Hark the Haven Angels sing, crawling around, sisters playing school early in the morning. Liv enjoys setting up centers around her room for her students.
My chunky monkey at the gate
Making sugar cookies and powdered donut kisses
I had a client request for my Christmas decorating services this season even though I haven't been working. I enjoyed decorating her home and tree and she hired me for next year too! Liv and I sharing a milkshake. Artwork for the family Christmas gifts...I took a pic because I think I want the artist to make us one like it!
It went from sunny to rainy to snowy in 2 days time. She played in all of it!
Haven by the mantle was one of my favorite scenes this month.


GmaakaMom said...

I love that chunky monkey and her big sister and I'll take one those donut kisses thank you very much.

kmom said...

Great job decorating that tree! The chunky monkey picture reminds me so much of my brother Gary when he was a plump 1-2 year old. I love that toothy smile.

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