Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Running the Dog

Liv has taken a new fascination with Charlie. It's hard to tell if Charlie appreciates this or not.
There's really no such thing as walking the dog when it comes to Olivia. It's more of a run. 
 Or maybe a sprint
 She did let her rest a bit at the gazebo
 But not for long....
 It's good we burned all that energy up because then I took her to the mall for a special treat for doing so well on her report card at school!


GmaakaMom said...

Good job on the report card Olivia. I'm not surprised you're an ace student. Wish you were here to run Fred for me. He doesn't get enough exercise.

kmom said...

Congratulations to Olivia on the super report card. I think most dogs like to run, so Charlie is so lucky. Charlie weighs enough to pull back if she does no want to run or go anywhere. Our ten pound Seymour would plant his feet down when he wanted to stop and I would be dragging him with his paws scraping the road for a bit. Charlie is getting older so she might need to rest more than Olivia wants to.

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