Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was full of fun and I hate that I didn't take more photos. Noah and his parents were here so I had my fav gym buddy back (that would be Jenna not Noah) and she went with me to Zumba AND body combat. We went to Iron Starr Saturday afternoon and got to play games with some friends and chat it up all weekend. And of course took no pictures together. But alas here are some of our two kiddos playing light sabers, reading pokemon, and adorning their bodies with glitter tattoos thanks to Jill's help.
They still know how to pick up where they left off...which unfortunately is still full of poop and fart jokes. At breakfast one morning Liv said "oh mom, we just had a blast last night together." I laughed because I'd never heard her use the term "blast." She said they were up late telling fart stories. Oh my. Jenna and I realize at some point their friendship will inevitably change but for now we still love to see it...but we could stand less fart jokes.
Yes they were invited to our family luncheon at Matt's on Sunday too but they chose not to participate in the Nertz tournament...which is for the best because I smoked everyone as per usual. We got a good cousin shot with the selfie stick. Poor Haven though is quite a blur.
The four families were represented...which sounds so gangster mob like. I hope we can get together more often. We had a lot of fun!
And at game night I forced these two to take a photo holding a photo of them from circa 27 years ago. Still best buddies. So cute.
And then Monday came and our weekend fun left us looking forward to more fun with friends and family. 

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kmom said...

Good to see Jonathan again. Glad that Shaun got to come to OKC too.

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