Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Adult Coloring Books

They are all the rage. Does anyone else giggle though when you hear the phrase "adult coloring book"? It sounds like something Priscilla's would sell for Bachelorette parties if ya catch my drift! Celeste gifted me with a day planner that has a new coloring sheet each week for my birthday. I've been putting it to good use ever since.
 I've seen a few articles about the benefits of coloring but for me the greatest three things that are evident are that it helps me stay organized, keeps me from snacking, and helps my anxiety. As far as organization goes...maybe it's because it's also a part of my planner so when I sit down to color (often while Haven plays on the floor or while the TV is on) I also plan out my schedule and meals for the week. Or maybe because coloring in those tiny sections and figuring out color schemes and patterns ignites some part of my right brain that helps kick my left brain into gear too. Either way I notice when I color I am more organized in all areas of life.
I also have found that it helps when I have anxiety or stress or am about to flip my lid with my kids. (I'm not the only one whose kids can set them off right?) Sometimes mommy puts herself in a time out when I need to count to a number greater than 10. And when I do, I color. If I have anxiety about a busy week, I color and if I look at my schedule and think it's too much then I cross things off or reschedule while I color.
We've been watching The Wire lately and I'm also trying to squeeze in as many Oscar nominees as I can before Sunday so I've been getting in a lot of screen time lately. And with screen time usually comes the munchies. While I do still snack and view...it helps to not snack as much if I can keep my hands busy coloring. Yes some movies are harder to color because you can't tear your eyes away from the screen (Mad Max) but other dialogue filled movies (Steve Jobs) seem ripe for coloring.
Liv already has asked if she can keep my book when I'm all done. We might frame some of the prettiest ones one day. Have you caught the adult coloring bug? What do you like about it?


GmaakaMom said...

You can't be inferring that MYrandchildren stress you out. I just don't believe it!

kmom said...

You do beautiful artwork. So nice it helps you be organized. I did one picture in Michigan when I was visiting in Dec. It does have a subtle calming effect.

Shannon said...

Super cool! I've been wanting to get some of these. You might have just put me over the edge to getting one! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Do you use colored pencils to do these? Very Nice!

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes I use colored pencils

XOElle AndTwiler said...

Your coloring is absolutely beautiful! and thanks for explaining how it helps you I think I might give it a go!! ( and im the same I cant help but giggle with the words "adult colouring book!" lol!!)

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