Saturday, February 06, 2016

Extra Time with Liv

This week we (Haven and I) got to have two weekday adventures with Olivia. On Wednesday early pick up we headed to the Lego store at the mall. Once a month they have a free build day and if you sign up online you get to build and take home a little figurine they provide all for FREE!!
 I heard this month's snow mobile was one of the most boring ones they've had...BUT since it was her first she loved it! We got to see next month's rabbit and she's ready to sign up for it too! We managed to escape without buying anything, but it was tough. We got a pretzel treat at Auntie Anne's and bought our yearly bottles of handsoap from Bath and Body works. I love their foaming hand soap.

Then on Friday there was no school because it was parent/teacher conference. I got an early appointment with Liv's teacher so we'd have the rest of the day to play. After a great report from her teacher, we headed to the science museum to meet up with Keely, Mo, and Ro.
Liv discovered a new favorite thing: metal sand and the big magnet. They also spent lots of time at the sand table, Curiocity, and riding segways.
Lil Sis watching from the sidelines...
They looked in these mirrors shrieking for like 20 minutes.
I miss days with my oldest child. I will admit they are often more tiring...sooo much talking...soooo many questions....soooo many more battles of the wills.....BUT so much more laughter, so much more fun, so many more sisterly moments.
 Even though her little sister is over half her size, Liv manages to tote her around the house daily causing me much frustration. Haven seems to love it most of the time though...until she gets hurt but I guess it toughens her up right?


kmom said...

I think I would enjoy the Lego store. I thought the segway and other fun things you posted on Facebook were at a babysitting site at parent-teacher conferences. Looks like they were at the science museum. Either way, they were fun.

GmaakaMom said...

More OKC fun fun fun.

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