Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Laundry Progress

I tried to look back on the blog to see how far our laundry "room" has come. When we first moved in the washer had to face the dryer thanks to the small door opening.
Ryan opened it up so they could be side by side and put different doors on (from the closet we demolished in that room).
It's looked pretty good from the outside for awhile now. I can't find a more recent pic than this but the inside still had a hole in the ceiling and partial drywall over wallpapered plaster.
The storage I created was from baskets balanced on the backs of the appliances. Ryan drywalled and mudded this weekend and now we just need to paint and get some storage hung.
Until the paint goes on the playroom is out of commission!


kmom said...

Can you still do the laundry with the appliances way out of their closet? It looks so much better. Last February/March, ceiling chunks were falling into the opened washer when it was airing out due to the mice up above. I was so glad when Ryan got 2 mice in traps. I will be delighted to see the improvement.

GmaakaMom said...

Progress is a wonderful thing

Jana + Ryan said...

Ohhh, I can't wait for the day that I have a laundry room. Yes, I count that closet as a laundry room because compared to a washer & dryer in your kitchen, this is the most magnificent laundry setup there ever was!! & I am oh so jealous!

Ryan and Katie said...

No mom you can't use the machines when they aren't hooked up. But I was only out of laundry work for about 5 days. They are back in now and the walls looks great. Now we just get to hang cabinets and shelves...and by "we" I think you know I mean Ryan.

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