Monday, February 01, 2016

Phone Dump -- Jan 2016

There goes the first month of the New Year! How are you doing on those resolutions? I'm doing fairly well, but there's always room for improvement!...or IS there when you're goal is to just be easier on yourself? Because by being critical of how easy I'm being, doesn't that negate the purpose? I'll let you mull that over. Here are some snapshots from my phone this month! I may or may not have already shared them.
 Freezer meals with OKCmoms blog and freezer meal society. Genius idea and company! Fun at the mall with Liv and building legos!
 Taking advantage of the global warming and playing outside lots lately! Liv got a hand me down scooter from the neighbors and loves to take it to the park. Haven is learning to enjoy the swings and of course watching her big sis's every move.
 ...and daddy joining us is just that much more fun!
100 days of school activities, a portrait she made of Noah, spying on my girls through the window playing. A lovely sight.

 fridge magnets while mommy cooks, Liv showing off her jewelry from Grandma, a devlish Lego scene left on my kitchen table.
Pigtails one day mean crazy hair the next day! We finally made it out to Seminole to meet all the new farm pets including Penny the puppy! Haven loved the fireplace and cuddling with Lolo.
Have enjoys chasing Charlie and eating Mops's dog food while we dog sat this month. A play date with Bayler and a morning in bed with mama after a night staying up!
Fun at the science museum and at Nicole's house.
 Liv requests yoga with the youtube lady, Haven helps me blog, she enjoys this new toy she got from Henry, and she is happiest when being left alone to explore the house!
I cut my hair off this month and used an actual stylist (not my typical supercuts run) and I love it! This Income tax place opened up by our house and makes me laugh daily. Liv has lived in this Dorothy costume this month and she often is found singing to herself in the front yard. Such a weird child. I love her. 


kmom said...

I don't remember the science museum having something an almost 1 year old would enjoy. In the movie, Dorothy stood outside and sang.

GmaakaMom said...

I love walking down memory lane with you on phone dump day.

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