Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine Celebrations

The Valentine weekend started off with a junk fest frenzy in Liv's class at school. They made these fun marshmallow structures and pigged out on pizza and cookies while passing out their valentines to one another. 
I'm not gonna lie...V-day has changed a LOT since I was in school. Maybe Pinterest is to blame. Many of her classmates gave out baggies of candy or robots made from juice boxes, applesauces, and multiple mini candy bars. I do love a good craft and have been known to make some pretty cool things in the past for the holiday but this year we stuck with the tried and true card with sticker. I'm sure they went straight in some kids' trash can but whatevs!
I love getting to see her with her schoolmates.
 The grandparents sent the girls little cards too. Here's Haven checking one of the cards out. 
 Saturday morning we went to a Vday party at Calvin's house. There were crafts and treats and lots of playing. 
My little Valentines!
Haven with one of her MDO teachers, Ms Julie.
 And Sunday there were some Valentine's gifts for my sweethearts on the table. Liv was very concerned about when I had actually gone out and bought her her gift without her knowing.
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine weekend with ones you love!


kmom said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun and yummy food. The craft with the marshmellows and toothpicks looks like fun.

GmaakaMom said...

Rick got roast beef dinner instead of candy. He was thrilled.

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