Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Review

Notorious RBG. Although part of this book deals with the cultural icon she has become thanks to the clever meme (For those of you who don't get the's funny because the Notorious BIG is a famous large rapper and Ruth Bader Ginburg is a tiny Jewish Supreme Court Justice) it also serves as a biography of her life and the important cases she has ruled on. You don't have to agree with all of her rulings to agree that she has helped shape our country's equal rights for both men and women. I got lost in some of the drawn out legal jargon in the word for word ruling parts, but it was a good read nonetheless. (And when Scalia died right after I finished reading, I was sad that RBG's fav opera buddy was gone). I give it a 7 and recommend it if you want some Girl Power reading.

Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling is a great writer of books and TV and I enjoyed her first book so I knew I'd like this one as well. This one is more about her present life as a writer and the ridiculousness that Hollywood can be rather than her childhood. I give it a 7.5 and recommend it if you like humorous memoirs, The Office,

Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse is another Faith Sullivan book and I'm going to attempt to read all of them because I've enjoyed them so much. At least the ones that are about the same town and characters. I like her writing style and characters. I'm glad that I got to find out what happened to Sally in this one too because the last one kinda left me hanging and I needed a better answer! And now thanks to this book I want to read a P.D. Wodehouse book. I like it when books lead me to read other books. I give this one a 9.

My Name is Lucy Barton. Here's the deal. I loved this book. We read it for book club. The author leaves out just enough info that you have lots to discuss and question. But I can't wait to talk about until then so I talk with one friend about it and also look to the internet. Apparently I came to a very different conclusion about the book than my friend and I can't find anyone on the entire internet who came to the same belief I did...such a lonely place that is! So my friend tells me to write the author. I'm kind of considering it because it seems so obvious and I'm not sure I would've liked the book as much had I not taken this viewpoint? Book club shall be good this Thurs. Read this book and then call or text me, I recommend it to everyone! I give it a 9.5

Ready Player One. Beezo recommended this book to me and I was hesitant at first because it's about a dystopian future where humanity basically lives in virtual reality. But then I found out it will be a movie soon so I might as well take the plunge. I was reeled in easily by the mystery, intrigue, and the fact that it takes place in Oklahoma! Well for the first part. I did distracted and skimmed the battle scenes because they just didn't appeal to me but I liked the overall story and it had a great little message at the end. I give it a 7.5 and recommend it to anyone who likes young adult fiction.

Chapter Books with Liv
The Secret Garden. Well I thought this would be fun to read to Olivia because I loved the movie growing up, but when I saw how long it was I thought we'd need an illustrated version. Luckily I found one and they helped keep her interested during the long winded parts. I should have checked to see if there was just an abridged or edited for children version because the original is very long, repetitive and has way too much Yorkshire accent that I can barely read. However, the story really did captivate her. She begged for more chapters in the beginning just to find out if Mary made it inside the garden and who was crying! I loved the message of the book even if it is lost on a 6 year old, it is not lost on the mommy who read it to her! We made it a goal to turn an ugly corner of our back yard into a secret garden of sorts and started on it this past weekend. We've watched one of the movie versions and will tackle the second one sometime this week I'm sure. Fun Fact: The hallmark version uses Highclere Castle AKA: Downton Abby.

What are you reading?
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kmom said...

Is GOODNIGHT, MR. WODEHOUSE in a series where it would help to read them in order? If so, which is the first one to read? Love, Mom

GmaakaMom said...

I'm putting a couple of these on my "to read" list. Thanks for the recommendations.

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes it's sort of a series but each one could stand alone. I didn't read them in order. I've only read two but I think there are 4.

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