Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Party and Other Happenings

With the Easter holiday comes all the little traditions we typically do. The resurrection eggs were resurrected and many egg hunts were had indoors over spring break and after school. Here are some snapshots of all the other eastery fun!
 This year's "tree" might be the tallest one we've had!
Olivia and Kenan got pretty creative with the eggs and discovered the more vinegar you use the more vibrant the colors. 
The making of the Bunny cake. Liv gave it glasses this year.
The neighborhood egg hunt with lots of melted candy inside.
And on Sunday night we had our small group over in place of the traditional Easter Party I usually do. The times have changed, kids are in school, weekends are busy, and therefore we had to scale down. That's ok because we still had lots of fun!
Good times were had by all!


kmom said...

Thank you for the dying eggs with more vinegar tip. Aren't you glad that spelly stuff is good for something?

GmaakaMom said...

Has she recovered from the candy overload?

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