Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fun with the Family

The rest of my family's stay we just played games, watched the cousins play, and took it easy. Mary Belle is still the most hilarious and expressive 2 year old. Liv doesn't try to carry her around as much. But MB did occasionally try to pick up Haven! The cycle continues.
Liv enjoyed donuts with her Papa and having him take her to school and pick her up. When you don't see your grandparents that often just having them for dinner and playing toys in your play room is pretty special!
Even the adults got some quality gaming time in.
The weather was pretty perfect while they were here so we got to play in the backyard in February without coats!
Mary Belle really enjoyed doing puzzles and I had lots to share with her!
 Sunday pictures were a must and went as well as we all imagined they would!
We got some decent ones despite the kids though!
 Thanks for coming to Oklahoma, family! See ya this summer!

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GmaakaMom said...

Those are some great pictures. Lots of fun memories.

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