Saturday, March 05, 2016

Gone Swimmin'

For Haven's birthday we got to go swimming at the hotel my sister was staying at. I wasn't sure how Haven would like it being that she hadn't been swimming since last summer. She looked like queen of the pool laid back in her floaty though! 
Such royalty!
Liv remembered how to swim and even dared jumping in a few times. 
You can see how thrilled I was to be catching her by the fright on my face...
Enhance that image!
We played ring around the rosies lots but I couldn't convince the kids to go under water.
We were in long enough for all of our toes and hands to be sufficiently wrinkly. Haven was fascinated by this!
Because she'd woken up so early that day she ended up taking an early nap right after swimming so we ate lunch without her and waited for her to wake up before diving into her birthday cake! Up next...the party!


kmom said...

Because of her birthday, Haven was queen of the day. She certainly did look like queen of the pool. When Papa and I were there the whole time she was in the pool, she was awake and lying back in her float thing surveying the scene, the picture of relaxation and contentment.

GmaakaMom said...

A fun time had by all. That floatie is ingenious.

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