Friday, March 18, 2016

Liv On Broadway

Liv's school recently finished up an eight week enrichment program. There were dozens of areas for the kids to choose from ranging from robotics to theater to cooking to engineering to puppetry to video production to dog training, etc. Liv's group was titled On Broadway and they learned about singing and dancing on the stage. They got to see clips from a few different shows and then began practicing their own number for the Enrichment Showcase.
I think she did a great job! She wasn't nervous one bit! And that silly hat in her eyes is because of how high her pigtails are...if I'd known there was a hat involved I wouldn't have put them there! 
The other kids in her group were a bit older than her. When we went for pizza afterward some of them were at the restaurant and she asked if she could sit with them. We told her she could until our food came. When she rejoined us I asked what her friends' names were. She had no idea. Silly girl. Rarely has met a stranger and easily befriends people whose names she never learns even after 2 months!
Some of the kids performed their work, but some of them were on display in the gym. I love Liv's school. It is a charter school. We chose it because at the time we were in between houses and weren't sure what district we would be in, but decided to stay once her name was drawn even though I've heard great things about the school in our neighborhood. I wish all schools could have the same amount of enthusiasm, leadership, and parent involvement as hers does. I love the mix of demographics and racial diversity. I love the flexibility they have as a charter, providing arts in creative measures without straying away from academic excellence. It's the only school experience we have so I have nothing to compare it too. I know there are other wonderful schools in our city and I know they have many wonderful teachers, parents, and programs at them too.
There is a very heated debate right now in our city about the expansion of charter schools. I'm trying to be well informed, attend the meetings, listen to the public--even when I feel they are misinformed or sometimes making rude personal attacks at people. I do understand why people are against them and if you feel passionately one way or the other I encourage you to come to the school board meeting Monday evening. If you choose not to speak at least come to be informed and hear from the concerned teachers and community members. For now though I will continue to be a proud parent of a John Rex Rocket and will support her school and staff to the best of my ability!


The Moores said...

oh my goodness, she's a natural! What a great program and a great school.....

kmom said...

Liv did super! Such a great experience.

GmaakaMom said...

Cutest one on the stage of course. And I AM NOT BIASED.

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