Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Newsletter: 12 Months

Dear Haven,
Your daddy and I were just discussing the other day how it seems like you've been here much longer than just a year. Thinking about going back for my c-section just 365 days ago seems ridiculous. And yet, it also seems like you were just a tiny newborn and we blinked and now you're this gorgeous happy toddler trying so hard to keep up with her sister! I don't think people can understand how long and short the same amount of time can be until they have children.
This past month you are truly on your way to toddlerhood. You can now climb up stairs very fast and are still learning how to safely climb down them. We practice a lot on the porch and at the top landing. Only under close supervision of course! The rest of the time we've had to put the gate up for safety! You were gifted a little shopping cart from Grammy and Poppa for your birthday and you immediately stood up and starting pushing it while walking like you knew what it was for. Your balance still heavily depends on it but you are progressing in your motor skills for sure!
Some cute little tricks you picked up this month are blinking on command...reminds me a bit of "I dream of Jeannie"...and holding up things to your ear like you're talking on the phone. This one struck me as pretty hilarious because I don't really recall you seeing us talk on our phones very much but you use the remote control or your hand to be a phone. You also still love to raise your arms in the air in an attempt to copy Olivia's hand stands and cartwheels when she's practicing.
I've been your Bible class teacher on Wednesday nights this past quarter and it has been one of my greatest joys all week. There are about 4 girls that usually come and you all are so smiley and interactive in your little bucket seats. You learned to put the animals on Noah's ark this month, tap your fingers to sound like rain on the roof, and can open your little Bible and point to Jesus's picture. All were milestones I got to witness you develop over the course of the quarter that I was in there.
You love to sing. Scratch that. You LOOOOOOVE to sing. You usually hold one hand out and starting bouncing up and down as soon as any music starts. Bible class songs make you grin from ear to ear and you dance or clap to the beat. Our well baby appointment was today and of course the process took entirely too long, but you stayed happy as long as I could keep coming up with songs to sing you! Even when they did your finger stick, you stopped crying if I kept singing to you...I'm sure the phlebotomist appreciated my rendition of "What time is it what time is it, is it time to draw your blood."
You are wearing 18 month clothes and are in the 95% for your weight, height, and head. You're 24 pounds 7 oz and 30 inches of pure cuteness and everyone remarks about how happy you are, your pretty toothy smile, and your dark head of hair that keeps getting thicker, but not much longer. You love to eat most all foods we've given you to try, you take one nap a day, and you wake up usually once in the night to nurse but then go back to sleep.

Two of your favorite things: bath time and chasing Charlie around!
We had a wonderful weekend celebrating your birthday the past few days. While your party was the most laid back and unplanned event I've ever thrown, your family still drove hundreds of miles to be there for it! And you also got skype calls and presents from afar as well. You are loved by so many and I can't believe there was ever a time in my life when I thought our family was complete without you in it. You brighten up all of our days and I can't believe you've only been around 365 days, and yet it seems like you've always been a part of our family. Although each milestone brings the bittersweet emotions that you won't be my teeny baby forever, I look forward to watching you grow this next year! I love you so much sweet Haven, thanks for giving me one of the best and most beautiful years of my life.



kmom said...

Haven is truly a delightful child. Love, Grammy

kmom said...

I would have enjoyed spending a few more days with Haven and Olivia. Love, Grammy

GmaakaMom said...

Sweet Haven, you are a precious gift and have made our family complete. We love you. Happy birthday. Grandpa and Grandma

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