Thursday, March 31, 2016

Newsletter: 13 Months

Dear Haven,
Sweet Girl, another month has flown by and you are so close to taking a step but are still hesitant to move without holding on to a hand. You practice lots with your shopping cart and other push toys and you let go and stand for long periods of time but you start to crawl when you want to move. You really like to climb in and out of things like the boat at church or the book basket in the playroom. 
You are still obsessed with the stairs and make a beeline for them most days. Occasionally the gate won't be there and I'll panic when I walk in the room and see you half way up the flight! You've also learned to climb on and off the sofas this month. You use a stool or toy to climb up there and are so proud of yourself. You've tumbled off a few times, but I cautiously let you when I'm close by as it is just part of the learning process!
Your words are getting more definitive and often say "Da-ee" instead of just "dadadada." Mama is the only other word you say so far but you understand many things. You sign the words for "more" and "milk" and we are trying to add "please" and "all done" this month. It is kind of funny when I know you want to nurse and you just start doing all the signs and give up and yank my shirt up. 
I've been letting you play outside as the weather has been so nice. We've tidied up the sand box area and are still working on the "secret garden" with your big sister. She likes to sit on the stump and read to you, but you just crawl all over the place not listening for very long.
You are getting into more mischief lately and if we tell you "no," you are not phased in the least and will only try harder to do whatever you're doing. Your favorite allowed mischief spot is the cabinet with all the kid dishes in it. I don't know why I bother to put them away every day...I guess so you can get them out again. I refuse to keep washing them...a little dog hair on a sippy cup never hurt anyone right? 
One day I was packing up your bag for Mother's Day Out and you were really quiet. When I went to find you I walked in on the proudest pigtailed little girl with all the toilet paper rolled off onto the floor! I can't be upset at such an adorable sight though! I often find myself letting you make a mess just so I can clean up another one...that's just life with a 13 month old!
Your separation anxiety is getting a little worse. You usually cry when I leave you at Mother's Day Out or the gym childcare. The workers tell me it is short lived but it still breaks my heart a bit. This week you started crying as soon as we enter the gym before we even make it to the childcare! 
We started to "Ferberize" you after your first birthday (Aka: cry it out). After a week of a little whining in the night you were sleeping through the night, but then you started cutting more bottom teeth so we are back to lots of snuggles and nursing in the night and that is ok, because I know it's for a time. You are eating more table foods, but still prefer baby food although with teething going on you prefer no food and just nursing! It's always changing!
I was in charge of the contributor Instagram takeover for OKC Mom's blog the other day and I was posting a pic of you napping in my arms when I realized I think I've posted one like that every time I've done the contributor take over, so I went back and looked and sure enough I found a few to make a montage of. Looking at these makes me feel a bit weepy but also so grateful that I've gotten to hold this precious blessing in my arms for 13 months. You are such a joy and treasure and I love you much little one!


GmaakaMom said...

Wow. 13 months already. I know you're waiting for Grandma to get there before you take off walking. I can't wait. I love you sweet girl.

kmom said...

Dear Haven, Papa and Grammy love you too. Keep smiling.

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