Thursday, March 03, 2016

Phone Dump -- Feb 2016

I think I've blogged most of the pics I took with my camera for February but here are the ones that didn't make it here but may have graced facebook or IG.
Guess who found the dog bed. Charlie's thrilled.
Slumber party with mama, caught red handed, pinkalicious, mail from Shanny
bathing beauty, waiting on the Dr., lunchtime, reading a birthday card
Our geektastic game night of Caverna, the box I found after 2 years of thinking I'd lost everything in it!, Liv wanting to send a silly pic to Noah, partying at 5am with Haven
Amanda and I at our first school board meeting (it got ugly), napping with my sweetie on a Sunday afternoon, movie date with hubs, the baffling shoe basket that all shoes gather round but rarely make it in.
A wonderful visit from Chester and Denise!

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GmaakaMom said...

Great phone dump. Thanks for sharing.

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