Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Part II

The weekend came and Noah had to head back to TX, but we carried on best we could even though we miss that Vasquez family. A playdate with Elle and Calvin filled our Saturday afternoon. First was a free rollerskating lesson (every Saturday at noon at Galaxy Skate.) Liv looooved it and we will have to go back sometime. Her legs looked so long in those tall skates a baby giraffe or something learning to walk...or skate I guess.
 They learned how to stand up and sit down without the danger of putting their hands down and accidentally getting rolled on. Liv got the hang of it and took off, falling every few seconds, but gaining speed and momentum every time! It hurt me just to watch them fall. I'm old.
 Then we headed to Calvin's hood to play at Gatewood's awesome playground. Liv scootered to visit her cousins in various states. Oh if it were only that simple!
 On Monday AND Tuesday, these girls had playdates. Once at our house, once at Audrey's. 
We crafted lots and we tried to show them the fine art of geocaching. But after we couldn't find the first one, a potty break occurred and the momentum was lost, therefore we never ventured out for the second one.
The big girls did their thing while the little ones ran amuck. Haven did NOT want to share her wheels!
These boys liked the selfies!
Ryan's cousin Ashley was in town with her daughter Neviah to show a goat at the 4h show at the fairgrounds. We met up with them and Aunt Teri for a bit. Liv and Neviah hit it off even though they hadn't seen each other in years. 
Ashley tried to convince us to let Liv show farm animals one day. I'm not sure there will be an urban barn at John Rex but Liv was gung ho! (Until she finds out what happens to the animals at the end of the year I'm sure....)
They got to swim together at the hotel and they came over for dinner with little Liam. At the end of the whole spring break I asked her what her favorite part was and she quickly said, playing with my cousin Neviah. So sweet!
 Haven on her phone.
Up next our visit to Seminole!

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kmom said...

You are so blessed Liv can take free roller skating lessons. You are super at finding fun things for your kids to do.

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