Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break Part III

We got to visit our dear friends in Seminole last Thursday of the break. I love reunions of this kind!
It was St Patrick's Day and they were looking forward to making this fruit rainbow like we did when they were little bitty!
They have grown, shrunk, and grown again in farm numbers. More chicks, two pups, a cat, the death or disappearance of said pups and cat, and another new pup! Liv enjoyed toting her around ALL day. Is anyone surprised?
We ventured to Pop and Gog's and the barns. They found a dead possum in the big barn and Liv was talking about it way into the evening. "Why did it not have eyes, daddy?"
See them waving from the window? I think it looks like the barn is winking at us.
The farm had suffered a devastating, almost catastrophic, grass fire the day before. (You can see how much was burned in the next pic, all the black parts on the ground. So scary!) The pile was still smoldering. The firemen were able to put it out within just a few feet of a house and garage. luckily no one was hurt...unless you count Brad's phone which stunningly caught the whole thing on timelapse film. It's cool and also terrifying to watch but I don't have that video.
It was a wonderful day and the kids had fun. But as always I probably had the most fun just chatting with my Lolo. No world problems were solved but MANY were discussed and hashed out!
Haven tried salsa and chips for the first time and decided she likes it!
The last days of the break were spent seeing a play, going to Jeri's, playing with the neighbors, and working in the Secret Garden (that will be another post). It was a wonderful time and I wasn't ready for it to end until the last day. Which often seems to happen with school breaks, leaving me to wonder if it's a defense mechanism I have...I easily get annoyed by my daughter at everything she does so I won't be sad she has to go back to school. Or maybe she really just annoys me after 10 days. I tend to think it's the former though because we really did have lots of fun over the break and it made us look forward to more time together in the summer months ahead!


kmom said...

Olivia and Haven take after Ryan in liking chips and salsa. Glad that fire was stopped.

Jennifer Vasquez said...

Oh how I miss that gang too. Glad to see it was a fun time, as always.

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