Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break

The beginning of our Spring Break was a Thursday and Noah was still in town so we took full advantage of our time with him and planned lots of fun things. We headed to the science museum to check out the new exhibit and entrance. It was pretty crowded but we had fun!
I sent my dad a pic of the new eyeball exhibits! Lots of fun optometry facts!
This tilty room is already my fav thing but it was even funner that day because a group of business leaders in suits and stilettos were visiting the museum and we just stayed in here to watch their reactions. Pretty funny. One of them was convinced the room was moving. Jenna told them it was. Hahaha!
 They had a slumber party Thursday night and on Friday morning Jenna convinced me to try a pump and ride spin class. It was nuts, but I might go back. I miss my workout buddy, she inspires me to go to new classes and try new things. It's hard to get motivated sometimes without a friend in a class, but that spin teacher sure gave a motivating sermonette while I pedaled my heart out!
While Haven napped we headed to see the Zootopia movie with Calvin. The kids got to sit in a row to themselves. BUT they all came jumping and screaming to our laps during the scary part! Hehehe! It was a cute movie, I think we all liked it except for the one scary part!
Then we headed to Shimmers because it's finally open for the year!! Liv only asks EVERY time we pass it between October and March.
The dads joined us for some fun at Sky Zone which is an indoor trampoline park. They had a huge court to jump on, a basketball court, a big foam pit, and a dodge ball area. I think Liv liked dodgeball the most. I got some great video! All the pics were blurry of course though!
Needless to say the dads wore out pretty quickly. Haven enjoyed watching with the moms.
Then Lulu watched the kids for us and we tried out a new Escape Room place. We lacked just one clue to getting out but we weren't exactly on the right track so I wasn't too bummed that we narrowly missed time or anything. It was lots of fun and I'm ready to tackle another one! This place is neat too because after you've been once they have a room full of board games and you can come back anytime to just sit and play them for free.
 Liv had a list and we were able to check many things off by the weekend! And we still had a week ahead of us!


Jana + Ryan said...

I love that Ryan looks like he's having more fun than the kids!

I've always been so interested in spin classes but also TERRIFIED. hahaha. They seem SO. INTENSE. Workout buddies are the best though. I'm glad you had yours back for a day!

Jana + Ryan said...

OH OH! We also did the escape place on 23rd street. I was looking at their website though & I think they changed their games since we were there. We escaped with 10 minutes left & felt so accomplished.

kmom said...

You are lucky you do not have to drive far to have a variety of things to do. You and Jenna are great activity directors.

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