Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Changes

Our spring break is coming to an end. I have lots of pics of our fun adventures to post. For now though I'll just share the two biggest changes....

Someone wanted a lighter hairdo "like mommy's." She's only gonna want to dress and look like me for a few more years so I gotta soak this up!
It's not as uneven as the photo looks...or maybe it is. Time will tell!

Ryan worked hard on the downstairs porch (see before pic in bottom left) the exterior looks so much better already. We plan to redo the upstairs balcony, make new shutters, and paint the brick darker as well.
 Then maybe we can landscape. Someday  soon we hope it looks like this computer rendering Ryan did.


kmom said...

You all have been so busy, as usual. The downstairs porch looks very good and up-to-date.

kmom said...

The plan looks super, complete with people on the porch.

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