Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Who Are You Wearing? {Oscar Night 2016}

I'd like to go ahead and thank the Academy for another fun night celebrating the Oscars. There were some key stars missing from the annual celebration due to distance (I'm looking at you Jenna) and dog electrocution (ahem Allison) but overall the night was still a success. 
These ladies wore their finest and brought some deliciously themed foods. The creativity was running rampant: Martian cookies, brownies and potatoes, Star Wars fruit snacks and Jabba the Hummus, Creed's Rocky Road Ice cream, Bridge of Spies Stroganoff, Steve Jobs apples-n-dip, and even a socially aware #blackout pizza. I'm sure I'm leaving out some of the foods but we dined well!
I was able to present the Oscar award for furthest distance travelled to my mom. She not only dressed up but also helped me care for the youngest actress in attendance...
the newcomer award going to Haven wearing vintage Olivia
 This might be the first year that the weather didn't affect the turnout. Each year seems to get bigger and better!
 Anna clearly won for best dressed. 
 Benay smoked us all with her ballot and Bailey won the Oscar Bingo game. Who needs a gold statue when there's handsoap to be passed out?!
Mad Max took many award for the evening. I was pleased with Brie and Leo getting best actress/actor. Spotlight winning best pic was a surprise but I really liked the movie. Chris Rock was a pretty funny host although we didn't see him much after the racially overtoned intro and girl scout cookie sale. Lady Gaga had a very emotional performance. The scrolling thank yous didn't seem to cut down on much of the acceptance speech times. It did leave more room for political speeches though which I'm indifferent about. I think these three were my favorite dressed ladies.
I love everything about this dress and I'm so happy she won in it!
Charlize doesn't age and can do no wrong in my book. I love her so. (even when she's bald and missing an arm in Mad Max she's beautiful!)
Love the color and train on this! But how you sit like a lady without it getting wrinkled I'll never know.
See ya next year Oscar!

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