Friday, April 08, 2016

Baby's First Zipline

And the baby I'm referring to here is Liv. When I posted this on facebook someone thought I might have gone ziplining with Haven strapped to me. No no.

In the same week that Liv got to go rockclimbing she also got to go ziplining for the first time. Our neighbors were having an adoption celebration at a local campground and invited us to the party. She loved it so much she stood in a long line to do it again! The first video is of her climbing up and going across the log. The second one is of the zipline. No fear in that one.


kmom said...

Olivia is so very brave, and you and Ryan are super brave too! I can't imagine climbing that tall, tall pole like that and then walking over on the other pole. After that, I think the ziplining part would be easy. Did you and Ryan try it?

GmaakaMom said...

That's even more impressive than it looked on your Facebook post. Wow! What a brave girl.

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