Sunday, April 03, 2016

Climb Up!

Once upon a time there were two new mamas in a playgroup with their sweet babies. A few years went by and life happened and they had lost touch. But then those sweet babies turned 6 and happened to be in the same Kindergarten class and became good friends once again...especially when their moms told them they used to be baby friends. And so it came to pass that one day the very experienced rock climbing mom and son invited us to the newly reopened center in Bricktown called Climb Up. While Liv has never been rock climbing....she has been known to scale a few terrifying heights without a harness so this actually seems safer to her mother. 
Tracy was very thorough with the proper instructions and terms that all rock climbers must use for safety communication. Liv caught on quickly and took off! She's always been pretty fearless! She and Kai really enjoyed the weighted harness climbs that didn't need a person to anchor! (I'm sure there's technical terms but I've forgotten them!)
They climbed a few different spots and toured the old silos. They found the bouldering room pretty fun.  
 One of the workers was kind to put the ropes on the outside of the building for them to climb too. 
I was so proud of my little daredevil. She really had fun and I see more rock climbing playdates between these friends in the near future!

Haven was a little young for rock climbing but she is getting the hang of couch climbing!!
Maybe I'll have two little daredevils.....


kmom said...

The rock climbing looks a bit scary,but fun. Glad they have a safe place and Olivia enjoys it.

Jennifer Vasquez said...


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