Thursday, April 14, 2016

Family Day at the OKCMOA

One of the things on Liv's spring break bucket list was to go to the Art Museum. I wasn't sure she'd want to be there for very long and it's a bit expensive for a 30 min date with your daughter so we waited for a free day! Yes it's more crowded then BUT there are also lots of activities for kids around so she was mesmerized a bit longer. While Haven napped on Sunday afternoon, Liv and I checked it out! The Shrocks were there at the same time and Liv, Elle and Todd spent time doing their own rendition of this modern masterpiece.
They weren't the only ones in there though!
 I think theirs might be just as good as the one on the wall!
 The permanent Chihuly exhibit is probably everyone's fav but man it makes me nervous to see all those kids around that breakable glass!
 Watching a video on blown glass. Liv said, "so he's a pirate?!" Ha! I had to explain that despite 6 year old logic, not ALL people with eye patches are pirates.
 She got to make a crown....that she forced me to wear...and participate in a collaborative cityscape art piece.
 There was hulahooping and juggling outside and she had to show me her mad hula skills she's been working on in PE.
 Then came the moment she had been waiting for all afternoon, the Spaghetti Eddie concert. However it had been awhile since she'd seen him. Maybe it was the fact that she wasn't with friends or maybe she was in a funk, but I think she might've had a "this is what it feels like to grow up" moment. And she might possibly be feeling too old for spaghetti eddie. She did not want to dance or sing along for the first time ever. She leaned her head on my shoulder and I told her we could go whenever she wanted and after a few songs she was ready to leave.
I guess she's too grown up to walk like a dinosaur and go to kitty kat town. I still love her though!
And if you are reading this Spaghetti Eddie, I still thought you put on a good show and I have another daughter who I'm sure will love your music!


kmom said...

I remember hulahooping when I was about Liv's age.

dshrock said...

Glad we got to be there together!

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