Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Doesn't Slow Down

The only exception to that rule might be in the days leading up to a baby's birth. Life can drag amazingly slow in those days! But lately I've been having a hard time sitting down to update this blog. Possibly because the things I want to blog about these days are a little too personal for the world wide web. I will just briefly say that our family's time has been stretched a little thinner as we've been helping out a troubled teen this past month. Extending our house, our car, our budget, our meals, our time, and our hearts in ways that often times seem pointless, but in ways I'm reminded when I contemplate scripture are actually eternal.

I won't say anymore specific on that topic, but it has occupied a lot of my brain energy and emotional energy in ways that even a newborn baby hasn't seem to squelch before. But I do consider it a blessing. We don't get to pick the ways in which we are called to serve at times and this I feel is one we are well suited for despite how futile it can be at times. So yes blogging has been lighter. When I get a spare moment to myself, I haven't been wanting to write, I've been napping and coloring a lot, reading occasionally, and watching some good ole television. The more brainless the activity the better.

I've got post ideas and pictures to go with them coming up but right now a nap is sounding pretty good and if it's what I need it's what I need! Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement the past few weeks!

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kmom said...

I'm glad you were able and willing to help someone in need.

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