Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mom Prom 2016

Last weekend the OKC Mom's Blog hosted a Mom Prom at the Harn Homestead, which was basically just a fun girls night out for moms of all ages. Some people brought their moms, some people brought their gal pals, some people may not have even been moms, some wore fancy dresses and some wore jeans, but it mattered not! And the guests ranged from very mild to very wild moms as far as partying goes, even if you didn't want to cut a rug, it was good people watching! I enjoy the sisterhood of writers we have and even though we were working the event, we still got to mingle and eat and dance and have fun too. We wobbled, whipped, and nae nae'd like there was no tomorrow. 
 My baby crying at my borrowed boots before I left.
Amy and Carrie at the welcome table.
 Me and Erin
 welcoming in the first guests
 the adorable cookies
 The Harn Homestead was a great venue and I hadn't been there since Benay's wedding before we were even friends but I was Allison's date....that's a confusing sentence. 
 Cutting a did that become a phrase? I must google this...

Goofing off!
I'm sure we will be hosting another prom next year so if you missed this one you can make it to the next one!I didn't get the greatest shots but I'll link to the professional pics on the mom blog when it's posted!


kmom said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun, with yummy looking cookies and probably lots of other good eats.

GmaakaMom said...

OKC is sure a fun place to live. Come work some magic in Newberg.😀

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