Monday, April 04, 2016

Phone Dump -- March 2016

Liv loves to wear this OSU hat from the Schatzels. They've been brainwashing her since she was a baby even though we are not sports fans. I asked her right before I took this picture who her favorite OSU player was. She smiled and said "Tennessee!" (and that's how we sports in our family!)
Library field trip with my girl, taking the girls to the memorial for the first time as Liv and I are running in the marathon (only a mile) and I was explaining to her what the race is a memorial for, Haven in her favorite place: the stairs!
Haven and Jenna, watching men work on the electrical pole in our yard, me texting Jenna my new shirt and asking if it looks too much like a granny mumu....sometimes I need brutal honesty, Liv's new hand me down boots came to us on the exact day her other boots fell apart! It's a sign! They are even more stellar than the last pair!
Red wigs bring out the best in silly girls! Liv in her natural daredevil element. She just shimmied up that pole like a monkey and nearly gave me a heart attack! The sand box is open for business and Charlie is guarding it. Haven and her sippy and pigtails.
Reading in the secret garden, muffins with mom at her school, crafting with Kenan
Haven climbing in and out of the book box in the playroom, little sweetie, swimsuit + waterhose + trampoline = lots of fun, my girlies cuddling in the morning
Going to see Whisky Tango Foxtrot with this bestie...I miss her much, Haven getting into mischief, a fun YMCA birthday party with classmates
Liv was inspired by Matt's giant rubberband ball so she started her own. I texted him a pic and he texted one back from his lab at work to show his excitement.
Lunch got a bit boring at MDO so she fell asleep. Cuddling with Sean on a visit.


kmom said...

Great review of some fun times.

GmaakaMom said...

I love the phone dumps.

Jennifer Vasquez said...

When I'm back we need to take many more pictures so I can make an appearance in the next phone dump series! :* <--- going old school because I really wanted to add a kissy face emoji

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