Saturday, April 09, 2016

Reflecting on Her First Year

I wrote this for the OKC mom's blog awhile back as Haven was about to turn one. I write two posts a month for that site and honestly, unless it's an assigned topic, I have no idea what will come out when I sit down to type at the computer. I love to write. It's the way I reflect. It helps me focus on the positive. It helps me see the areas in my life I need improving...even if I don't always share those. It helps me connect with other moms. It's a creative outlet. And it makes me get real sappy about my kids.

I'm usually not a sappy person, but you just try writing about your kids and see if it doesn't make you a ball of mush at times! Even on the way to Mom Prom last night I teared up because it was the same route we took the morning of Haven's c-section and I guess I hadn't driven that way since! Motherhood makes me sappy at times, but it also makes me a better person! Here was my latest post for OKCMB if you didn't already see it.
I mean I practically start crying just looking at that picture.... Oh the feels....


GmaakaMom said...

That was a great post.

kmom said...

Many wonderful memories of Haven so far and looking forward to many more. Love, Mom

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