Monday, April 25, 2016

We Ran: Baby's First "Marathon"

A few months ago Liv brought home a paper from her school about signing up for the kids OKC memorial marathon. She begged me to sign her up. I told her I don't run. She begged and begged. I said no. She begged some more so I said will you train with me and practice running a mile weeks before the big day? She said yes! (And also they ran a total of 25 miles in her PE class the weeks prior to the marathon so on the actual day the 1.2 miles the kids run equals the 26.2 in a real marathon)

So in March we started "training" for our mile. She immediately hated it. She complained she didn't know how long a mile really was. She confessed she really only wanted a t-shirt and a medal. Too bad so sad. I told her we already paid and signed up so we are doing it and giving it our best!

Could I have said fine let's just walk? Yes. Could I have chalked it up to a donation and backed out. Of course. But I chose to see this as one of those "teaching moments" we parents always hear about and therefore we ran a mile most days when she got home from school....even if she had already run at school because mama still needed to train! Some days we breezed through it, especially if friends or neighbors joined us, because she liked the healthy competition and easily ran the whole way no complaint. Some days though we needed Jesus. Or just one of his miracles. Some days there were 30mph Oklahoma winds, we were tired, hangry and no amount of knock knock jokes or pig latin practice could get her to smile. One fateful day she cried the entire time and I thought someone might think I was trying to kidnap her.

Most of the time though if I validated her annoyances by letting her know that I too in fact hated to run everyday, BUT I let my daughter talk me into it and if we try anything in life we give it our best....then she would come around and it would be all over in 10 min or less.

Taking her to the memorial site and explaining the reason behind the yearly marathon each year raised a lot of questions in her mind and as the day grew closer she got a bit more excited...even if it was just because we didn't have to train anymore!
We laid out our race gear the night before so we wouldn't be scrambling at 6am. Although we were supposed to wear school shirts to represent John Rex she REALLY wanted to wear the race one so of course I caved.
We got up early Sunday morning so Daddy and Haven could drop us off at the school. Haven was not happy about losing sleep. (Neither was I Haven!) We met up with the rest of the kids from her school running and walked to the starting line.
Some of the kiddos running from her school. (she's kind of under the x)
There were thousands of people all around but the safety precautions in the kids area were pretty amazing. She had fun at the line up and we took off at the count down! 
Posing with her P.E. teacher.

 Soooo many people. And this was just the kids race. I don't even know if they're included in the 25,000 tally of the full racers that started hours before!
Starting line selfie!
Except for one stop midway to tie her shoe once, we ran the whole way! And it was a little trickier being that there were hills and turns and thousands of other people in our way! But there were also lots of people cheering and high fiving and encouraging us which would've been welcomed on those training days! The same shoe came untied again towards the end and I encouraged her to stop but she said "I see the finish line and I wanna keep going!" So we did! She gave it her best...and I did too and we did it! We ran!
Cooling down afterward with the snacks provided in the kiddie corral
After it was over she said she might want to do it again every other year. Who knows how she will remember the training or the big day in her 6 year old mind, but I will cherish our memories together as we both gave it our all---even when it wasn't fun---knowing we were kind of doing it for each other!

There was lots to do in the kids area after the race, but she was in a hurry for daddy to pick us up so we could make it to church. I was about to feel even more proud of her, but then she let me know she really needed a donut from church! Haha! I let her wear her shirt and medal....with a skirt of course!

I will admit I do feel more like an Oklahoman now. The marathon race is one of those rights of passages I feel like you must experience in order to be an Okie and now I'm just an elementary landrun celebration day away from being 100% Oklahoman I think ;)


Jennifer Vasquez said...

Way to go Liv and KT! I am SO proud, and yet sad at the same time that we missed out on another fun thing to do with you guys. You guys did awesome! I'll ask Liv to run a mile with me next time i see her ...

kmom said...

Congratulations to you and Olivia! Wow! The training paid off!

The Bristers said...

I don't even really know you, but I've been reading your blog for a long time. You have such great stories and a knack for writing. This story made me cry. It just made me feel good and so I shed some happy feel good tears. What a special moment for you both to share! - Megan

Ryan and Katie said...

Thank you!

Ryan and Katie said...

Ha! Can't wait to hear her response!

Ryan and Katie said...

If I can do it, you can do it!! Little deb runs 2017?? :)

Ryan and Katie said...

If I can do it, you can do it!! Little deb runs 2017?? :)

Michelle said...

Yes, they do count the kids marathon in the overall count....just cause I heard it when we started!

GmaakaMom said...

Way to go girls! I'll walk it with ya😀

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