Thursday, May 12, 2016

Art Museum Field Trip

Taking small kids to a place where millions of dollars of untouchable items are sounds like a dream right? 
Maybe a bad dream. Oh the anxiety!
For the most part they were well behaved and only one or two times did I have to grab a limb from breaking some Chihuly glass.
They asked the docent some interesting questions and she handled them well. 
"Is she still alive?"
"If she were she'd be about 300 and the oldest person alive is only about 110."
"What about Santa?!"
"Uh moving along....."
And she tackled questions about nudity in art that brought many giggles from the Kindergarten crew!
"Hey now, everybody's got body parts!"
Never a dull moment on field trip days!
I'm glad they get these experiences even if they do make the chaperones a tad nervous!

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kmom said...

I'm surprised they let kids that young come in on a field trip unless there is one adult per 2 or 3 kids. It was good to save this field trip for the end of the year when the teacher knew very well which kids to watch out for.

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