Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Back in the RV

The last time we hitched a ride with Ryan's family to Branson (technically Kimberling City) Haven wasn't mobile. This trip was a little more challenging. She sat in the carseat some, napped on the bed with me some, cuddled with family some, and crawled on the floor while we hovered some. It was an easier journey there than the trip home so I prefer to travel by know as long as I'm not having to drive it! The addition of an aunt and cousins and a Katelyn was fun for everyone! We just wish poor Ry could've joined us instead of coming later in the Corolla. Maybe next time!
Both my babies were lulled to sleep in the motor home!

 She was only a little sad that she didn't get to drive with Grandpa the whole way!


kmom said...

Glad your travels were safe and you hads lots of fun.

GmaakaMom said...

Grandma sure enjoyed it

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