Friday, May 13, 2016

Cousins in OKC

Liv was living the dream getting out of school to go to Branson and then getting out of school when her cousins came back through town the next week! The grandparents dropped them off Thursday and stayed one night before heading back to Missouri. Laura and the girls had a flight to catch Saturday morning, but we got to spend Thursday and Friday having some fun showing them the city!

We hit up the new Pops in Nichols Hills and Violet got this tasty bloody nose soda! Yum!
 I miss the days of her fake smiles. But this photo makes me LOL every time.
 We went to the memorial and although the girls begged to go in the museum, we decided maybe another time. So we headed to the Myriad Gardens.
 I forgot they were doing a special Jungle book event there and although Liv was going on a field trip there on Tuesday we went anyway!
It was very hot that day but we had fun running around and seeing all the decor and games. I took Liv to the movie the next day and she really liked it.
 Aunt Laura was awfully nice to let Haven play on all her electronics!
 The weather was nice for walks in the hood
 Grandpa could make some pretty awesome paper airplanes...ones that weren't even in Liv's library books!
We also went to Ted's and Shimmers and had Beezo over to play games two nights, but we got no pictures of this! There were many many tears shed from Liv the night before they left. She really loves her cousins! Come back soon Kronewitters!


kmom said...

Glad you had lots of fun and plenty of time to be together.

GmaakaMom said...

I love watching the cousins play and bond. Cousins-friends for life.

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