Sunday, May 08, 2016

Newsletter: 14 months

Dear Haven,
Well I really thought you would be slow to take your first steps and start walking but you started stepping to your sister on April 2nd and since then have gotten so skilled at your steps you prefer to walk instead of crawl already! You cruise around the house holding on to toys and you love to push your baby stroller. Stairs are still a favorite and you are getting braver as you try to navigate them while standing too! No thank you!
You've started giving kisses this month and when we hold you, you often put your head on our shoulders for a cuddle. Even when your sister picks you up you snuggle on her shoulder. You raise your arms out for people to pick you up and you enjoy making a game of it seeing how many times we can pass you back and forth. You didn't hesitate in Branson to let anyone hold you and were happy to just walk around the circle of family members and hold your arms out to let them pick you up. You even hold your arms out to babies at church that are your same age to hold you.
You also loved taking rides on Gigi's walker in Branson!
You're becoming a stereotypical little sister, immediately wanting to play with whatever the big kids are playing with but then abandoning it as soon as they do! You let us know your frustrations with an ear piercing shriek. It's a bit pterodactyl like and quite annoying. We try to shush it or cover your mouth, we also have tried to ignore it, but you really get going in church or at a restaurant and we have to take you out because it's so loud and obnoxious. Little sister for sure!
Daddy has put you to sleep many nights without nursing, but we are no where near close to weaning. I thought we were narrowing the times down but then you cut two more bottom teeth and then you got a little cold and now I can barely get you to eat anything so nurse we will! You love to have your head rubbed when you are going to sleep. You are managing to sleep through the night again, but you are getting up at like 5:30 or 6 which isn't fun and makes for a difficult too early nap time.
When Grandma was here your favorite activity was walking Fred, their little chihuahua. She is the perfect size dog for you and you carried that leash with her on it all around the yard and the house. It was pretty adorable and almost cute enough to make me want to get you a little doggie! That will never happen but it's tempting!
Your favorite places are in the bathtub and outside. If we interrupt either of those times we get the shriek. You love to play with things in the bathroom that you shouldn't...toilet water, plungers, toilet bowl when I need to get ready and you need to be near I just put you in the tub. Sometimes with water, sometimes with just toys, but either way it keeps you contained and happy!
You do have shoes and since you are walking I try to put them on you but you are barefoot most often and don't seem to mind. You get lots of comments about your cute little plump feet and ankles. Those legs have thinned down some since you started walking but there's still lots of baby chub for me to snack on!
You've started climbing things this month and can easily get into the little chairs in your room and occasionally find your way on top of the coffee table. You love to turn the basket of books into a chair for yourself too. I keep thinking I should get you a little couch or chair but you'd probably never sit in it if that's what it was actually for so I'll keep letting you destroy the book bin!
Today is Mother's Day (because this newsletter is quite late) and I'll admit I wasn't in the greatest mood. Not because of any particular reason, but it was just one of those days (you'll understand when you're older). I still wanted to try to get a picture with my two precious girls because although I napped most of the day away, I knew looking back I wouldn't remember my mood. All I would see is me and two of the hugest blessings in my life. You and your sister are the reasons I am a mother. It's a role that you just can't possibly understand until you become one some day. There's so much stress, frustration, and anxiety with this role but oh so much joy, laughter, and wisdom that far surpass that other stuff. And that's what I want to hang on to. Those are the moments I will remember when I see your sweet cherub face, dark curls, and toothy grin at 14 months old and I will be thankful to God for this high and holy calling I am given in life. I love you sweet girl and am so so glad I get to be your mother!



kmom said...

It is a joy to see Haven's smiles and hand waves. Precious picture of you 3 girls.

GmaakaMom said...

The months are flying by. Grandma loves you precious girl.

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