Monday, May 09, 2016

Phone Dump -- April 2016

Scenes from the past month!
Book club night at La Brasa. Soooo yummy I had to photograph! Haven feeling puny. Church pew with kids. Kenan and Haven being silly.
Liv's into staging photos with stuffed animals...I remember doing the same with my first film camera. Things are so much easier nowadays! Haven in her fav hiding spot!
Reading before school, Getting brave standing on a chair to reach the toys! Liv and Kenan watching silly videos. A coloring book I considered getting my mother in law.
Liv and her friends at a birthday party. Chalk board mornings with my girls. Someone napping in an awkward position while I folded laundry.
A tinkerbell party of girls making pixie dust. "Mom I'm breastfeeding them all!" Haven walking her baby doll. Reading one of my childhood favorites.

Grandma's in heaven, bumper cars at a birthday party, Haven snuggling Amanda at the park, small group on our deck.
Her fav boat at church, eating al fresco, enjoying the view.
Somebody hit the jackpot at Gattitown! Babies having babies...
Great minds think alike! (Haven on the left, Liv on the right)
Noah and Haven taken a year apart. Still cuddling!


kmom said...

I like Haven's hiding spot. Looks like she is learning to do her own thing.

GmaakaMom said...

Again, I love your phone dumps. It will be interesting to hear how you explain how a coloring book fits with our food and drink a theme LOL

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