Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Secret Garden Progress

It started out a leaf covered eye sore at the entrance to our backyard from the gate. But after reading the secret garden, raking, pruning, planting flowers and grass, painting bird houses, making a stepping stone, and adding some other elements The Secret Garden is on it's way! We've got a cute idea for the stump table if I can find the perfect size river rocks. I'm too cheap to buy them! Liv likes to take books out and read on the stump currently and Haven just likes to climb up and down the deck into it and occasionally get her head stuck in the rails. Charlie likes it too. We just need Dicken to come and bring some wild animals or at least that turtle from last summer to show back up!

The Before Pic
Planting our Impatiens seeds and watching them sprout has been fun!
 Sisters reading and playing in the brown secret garden.
 Painting a birdhouse for it.
 Starting to look a little more green!
 Hoping by mid summer it will be even greener!
 Charlie can keep a secret can you?
Haven being silly....

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kmom said...

You did extremely well with the Secret Garden project, expecially having the subprojects of painting birdhouses and planting flowers. Way to go, Katie!

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