Wednesday, June 29, 2016

3rd Generation Camper

I'm so thankful Liv got to attend her first year of Mid-South Youth Camp while we were in TN. It was my favorite place on earth as a kid and teen. I looked forward to camp every year and made some lifelong friendships there (one of them went to OC with me and was at our house just yesterday with her daughter!). I was baptized there and learned how to unstop a commercial disposal with my bare hands and sang for my mail and made boondoggle know the really life changing things! My dad went there when he was a kid and I hope Liv can go for many more years. This year she was a junior camper which worked out perfectly so my parents could still see her in the evenings. She was done at 2:30 so we could go see friends in Henderson too when she was done. They took pics for us and gave us a CD so that's how I got all of these images.
The camp songs have changed but the silliness remains!
Some of the kids in the pics are kids of people I went to camp with too! Full circle man, full circle.


GmaakaMom said...

Is that her behind the tall girl in the video? It's not like her to take a back row.

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes that's why I didn't video longer since u couldn't really see her. She is in all the pics's like where's Waldo!

kmom said...

It was so kind and thoughtful of them to take pictures for you. I enjoyed looking at them.

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