Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Rollercoaster for All

No need for those pesky height requirement signs when your cousin has a rollercoaster in her backyard. Fun for all ages! Olivia taught Mary Belle how to be a dare devil and ride it backwards. Haven liked to climb and slide down the tracks. Never a dull moment with a rollercoaster!
This is how her big cousin did it so it's safe right?!
Grammy going over the rules with Haven.
Haven looking baffled by Grammy's rules.
 "Maybe I should've listennnnnned!"
"Nevermind that was fun!"
 See even 6 year olds have fun on toddler toys!
Mary Belle laying in the tracks trying to prevent having to share her things. A noble and brave effort.
 Haven trying a new approach
 Even closer....
 Now sliiiiide
 She was a pro by the end of the day!

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