Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Frontier City

On our first full day of summer vacation Liv and I headed to Frontier City to use our season passes. She was tall enough for the upside down roller coasters this year so we got to try some new ones out. We had a lot of fun and plan to come back many times this summer! Haven and Ryan may get to join us occasionally, but it's a fun date for just me and my daredevil too!
"I didn't like it mom.....I LOVED it!!" I lost count how many times we rode this. When there aren't long lines you can just keep going and going and going!
Where does she get these goofy faces from?
Queen of the Dippin Dots
On Father's Day Ryan got to go for free with Liv, but of course he's not the blogger so I don't think there are any pics for proof, but I know those crazy kids had a fun time too!


kmom said...

I bet Ryan enjoyed it.

GmaakaMom said...

Grandma wants to go one of these days

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